Independently owned and operated

Founded in 2001

PCT has been around since 2001 and started as a precision agriculture service provider by people who have been in the industry since the mid 90’s.

PCT began providing customised solutions for large and innovative growers primarily in Cotton and other higher value crops in the the eastern regions of Australia.

In house software

Due to a lack of software tools available that provided the analytical power and suited the Australian cropping conditions, PCT embarked on developing their own customised software in 2008.    Tools and solutions were specifically designed around these corporate and innovative farmers to deliver real analytics and insights that genuinely made growers money and helped them understand farming opportunity.

Our software has evolved over time from the original desktop software known as Vision AG Gateway, which is still widely used today, to now a range of cloud based and machine connected solutions.


Focused Solution providers

Today PCT includes four companies, each focusing on specific challenges in agriculture.


Continuation of our successful Agservices business.

Terrain and Landforming systems.


Cloud based farm data solutions.


  • CAD – Civil Agriculture Design.

Custom landforming design consultancy.

PCT Agcloud

Now PCT Agcloud is a world leader in providing web based tools and solutions that are simple to use and more automated to take the stress out of data management for our partners and their customers.  We provide a range of solutions that are ready to use for service providers and PA specialists as well business solutions ready to integrate.

What is important to all of our PCT solutions is a dedicated focus to maintain the quality of data so agronomists and growers decisions are based on the right information.

Our focus whether software or services is to always deliver quality solutions with honesty and integrity. Something fundamental to PCT companies and partners.