Traceability throughout the entire cotton production process

with Linked Cotton™

A solution developed by PCT Agcloud and available exclusively via the John Deere Dealer network,

Linked Cotton™ enables growers to clearly understand the impact on quality from management,

agronomic influences and variety.



  • More accurate
    • Yield calibration
    • Results from trials
    • Loss assessment
  • Visualize and analyze variability in cotton quality within and between fields
  • Clearly understand the impact on quality from management, agronomic influences and variety
  • Traceability from field to ginned bale

Areas of premium (green) and discounted (red) micronaire

Spatial variation in colour grade



  • Automated linking of HID data directly to the yield data on import from John Deere Operations Center™
  • Import gin data via API or CSV, linking all quality information to the module and yield points
  • US growers can import Kelley Electric CSV format or integrate directly with CottonHost (EWR)
  • Create cotton quality layers from the gin import
  • Visualize the completed story easily in our View tool and use with other layers in our powerful analytics tools
  • Quality layers and PDF reports available in John Deere Operations Center™

How to get started with Linked Cotton™


Linked Cotton™  is available exclusively through the John Deere dealer network. Click here to find your local John Deere dealer.


Growers need the following to ensure successful setup:

  • John Deere Operations Center™ account
  • Latest software on the pickers and strippers
  • RFID-integrated cotton gin


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