PCT Agcloud is very excited to share with you details of our industry first, Linked Cotton product.

Features Include:

  • Automated linking of HID data directly to the yield data on import from John Deere Operation Center.
  • Import Gin data via API or CSV. linking all quality information to the module and yield points.
  • In the US we can integrate with Cotton Host (EWR) and automatically import bale quality data.
  • Create cotton quality layers from the Gin Import.
  • Visualise the completed story easily in our View tool (image below) and use with other layers in our powerful analytics tools.

Benefits include:

  • More accurate
    • Yield calibration.
    • Results from trials.
    • Loss assessment from weather events.
  • Clearly understand the impact on quality from operations, management and agronomic influences and decision making.

    What do you need?

    • Latest software on the pickers.
    • Connected to Operation Center.
    • Weight cells to have round module weight.
    • PCT Agcloud Pro subscription.
    • PCT Agcloud Linked Cotton subscription.

    What does it cost?

    • PCT Agcloud Pro account – talk to your dealer.
    • PCT Agcloud Linked Cotton – talk to your dealer.


    With a Pro subscription you can also add our specialty products:

    • Advanced Analytics for soil mapping and deeper land
      capability learnings
    • Protein Pro connect to Operation Centre for the complete
      yield and constituent mapping capacity
    • Linked Cotton for the advanced cotton data features.
    • Profit Pro for complete accuracy of spatial profitability.
    • Not a PCT Agcloud Dealer yet?. Then talk to us today about
      our Zero to Hero platform.