Closing the gap in Nitrogen Management

A solution developed by PCT Agcloud and available exclusively via the John Deere Dealer network,

Protein Pro enables growers to clearly understand the impact on quality from management,

agronomic influences and variety.

How does Protein Pro work?

  • Fully automated process connected to John Deere Operations Center™, including:
    • Cleaning, editing and multiple machine corrections.
    • Intersecting zone creation.
    • Creation of N removal and product replacement when soil tests are available.
    • All data seamlessly delivered back to John Deere Operations Center™ customers account.
  • Quick Rx creation and adjustments with prescriptions sent straight to the machine.

What are the benefits of using Protein Pro?

  • Quickly create a Nitrogen or any other nutrient application map.
  • Combine and monitor with in season imagery for in crop top up.
  • Manage protein and yield to optimise yield to match land capability.
  • Investigate variability in protein and yield with landscape and soil type.
  • NPK removal from bushels.

Protein Pro enables growers and agronomists streamline their workflow on the following crops:








How to get started with Protein Pro



Protein Pro is available exclusively through the John Deere dealer network. Click here to find your local John Deere dealer.


Growers need the following to ensure successful setup:

  • HarvestLab™ sensor
  • John Deere Operations Center™ account
  • Latest software on the combine

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