PCT Agcloud provides specialist tools to get the job done quickly and effectively. 

    • Import and manage all major OEM data formats.
    • Including all operations – Ground Preparation, Planting, Application and Harvest.
    • Import Soil Surveys from EM, DualEM, Veris and others.
    • Import Soil Sample data (grid and zone) from multiple sources.
      • Get soil or tissue results directly from the lab.
    • Build data structures to match and connect with John Deere, Agworld and CNH.
    • Pull and push data to PCT Gateway, John Deere, Agworld and CNH.
    • Import data from many 3rd parties like SMS, STS and Farmworks.
    • Import Polaris soil data and Gamma Radiometrics and more.

    • Automatic geospatial assignment of data to fields.
    • Automated data correction and cleaning for selected crops.
    • Manage overlaps and clean headlands.
    • Correct for latency and distance offset.
    • Balance multi machines and data distributions.
    • Use advanced sensor drift management corrections.
    • Process your data to interpolated grids.
    • Create derivatives from your datasets like Profit Maps and more.
  • Visualise data and make informed decisions.
  • Multiple synchronised views.
  • Build soil sampling plans, zone and grid.
  • Compare layer and create pdf graphs.
  • Create reports of data layers and operations.
  • Paint zones on data layers.
  • View yield data layers with common colours across all fields.
  • Quickly access other PCT Agcloud
  • Apps with a simple right click and more.
  • Build correlation scatterplots from multiple years of yield and imagery.
  • Determine and create management zones with data layers that correlate.
  • Build multi temporal yield average layers and yield potential layers for other crops.
  • Compare soil sample results to yield and other data layers.
  • Create soil estimate layers from sample and surveys. E.g. Field Capacity and AWC.
  • Create a range of sensible layers that agronomists and growers can use.
  • Create and analyse strip trials with accuracy and valid statistics.
  • Use powerful field analytics to make the complex quick and easy to interpret.

PCT Agcloud:

  • Create zones from single or multiple layers.
  • Create Smart Start Zones from EM and LSC – the best place to start.
  • Build Intelli Risk Zones using three layers such as EM, LSC and Yield.
  • Compare zones vs yield and analyse change in real time as zones are adjusted.
  • Save zones to build Prescriptions in the Rx building app and more.
  • Create nutrient prescriptions quickly from data layer, points and formulas.
  • Control prescription outputs to match available product and manage cost.
  • Create single product prescriptions for multiple fields with manual entry.
  • Create multiple product prescriptions for single fields and insert strip trials accurately and quickly.
  • Create PDF reports to easily share planned application for checking and ordering products.
  • Create multiple field and multiple product shapefiles.
  • Send shapefiles to Agworld or John Deere Operation Center as well as send direct to equipment.
  • Send shapefiles to Agworld and CNH, as well as send direct to equipment in John Deere Operations Center.
  • Retrieve Field Boundaries to easily synchronise Grower, Farm and Field structure.
  • Automatically retrieve machine data daily and auto clean, correct and process application and planting.
  • Auto clean, correct and process yield data.
  • Sentinel Imagery every 3-7 days when cloud free.
  • Soil Survey layer such as EM, Veris, Gamma, Management Zones, and USDA Soil layers.
  • Soil sampling layers – grid sampling layers.
  • All data as a contribution map layer.
  • Upload raw yield, application and planting from any brand – yes it processes as a field operation.
  • Create virtual harvest data. Cleaned an interpolated grid yield to Operations
    Center and it processes as a yield operation layer.
  • Retrieve field boundaries to easily synchronise grower, farm and field structure.
  • Automatically synchronises cleaned and processed layers to the connected Agworld account.
  • This inlcudes soil survey (EM, Veris, gamma), elevation, management zones, planting and yield layers.
  • Allows seamless operation using a common and coordinated data set across both platforms

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