We are pleased to announce the release of Subscription Management.

This allows Dealers to actively manage the subscription levels for each of their connected Growers directly within the PCT Agcloud web application.

For more details of how to select and set subscriptions please see the following Knowledge Base article: How to Set Grower Subscription Levels

Only Dealer Org Manager Users have access to set and change Grower Subscription levels. The Dealer Org Manager(s) is generally the main PCT Dealer account contact or account administrator.  If you are unsure, please contact us at PCT Agcloud for assistance.

PCT Subscriptions are based on the per Grower Packages.  Depending on your region there are up to 3 PCT Agcloud packages available (see image above) and soon to be released an additional Satamap Pro package.


Further details of the PCT Packages can be found on our website – Packages

Pricing for packages is per Grower and is outlined as part of your Dealer agreement.


If you have any questions on Packages or Subscription Management, please contact us at info@pct-agcloud.com

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PCT Agcloud System Maintenance Notice
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